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Presentation of the new Flagship-model Elegant



Two new Institutional Hammond organs are presented: the Spinet organ model 810 and the console model 820



Presentation of the new Composer series

 Aurora Classic and Colonnade  series revised



Hammond presents the first digital rhythm arranger, the DPM-48 You could customize the voicing by purchasing extra voice eproms but was released just prior to MIDI and so never realised its full market potential. Cost 699.



Hammond B-400 arrives. The first mass-manufactured organ with MIDI. Digital rhythms, digital solo voices, human choirs and a modern design in silver-metallic set new trends.

Composer-series are renamed K2 using the same digital technology as the B400.

Two new compact Leslie's-models 310 and 312 using digital simulated bass rotor






Introduction of the Super-B. This was Hammond's first all-digitally sampled organ. In addition to being MIDI compatible, this organ also featured downloadable voice tables. Complex voices such as trumpet, marimba and saxophone could be added by means of Voice ROM Cards. The new digital technology made possible a closer recreation of the "B-3 Sound".



Introduction of the SX-1 and CX-1 home organs. These were the first Hammond home organs to be MIDI-compatible. The Voice ROM Card capability first introduced in the Super-B was carried over into this series as well. New features included user-programmable Combination Presets, a built-in sequencer, and 16 built-in digital rhythms with 3 variations for each rhythm.



Introduction of "E" Features (Ease of Play) into the SX-1 and CX-1 home organs. The updated organs are known as the SX-1E and CX-1E. Enhanced features include ProChord AutoChord and One Finger Chord.



SX-1E and CX-1E, both also available in ivory-polishing varnish

SX-2000 and CX-2000 r home organs are introduced. These new organs combine all of the features of the SX-1E and CX-1E plus a new Orchestral section giving the player two banks of on-board digital voices in addition to Strings and Drawbars.

SX/CX2000'E upgrade introduced 

Introduction of EX700,1000 and 2000

E specification becomes available for all models.