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SX/CX2500 Spinet and Console introduced

SX/CX2500'E introduced (upgrades available for 2000, to either 2500/2500e spec) 



New institutional models 725 and 825

XB-2 arrives! features a single 61 note manual (with split point), one set of drawbars, digital Leslie and vibrato version two features the most comprehensive MIDI capabilities to date.



EX700 and 1000 deleted, EX800E introduced

US2000E (as EX2000E but imported from the states, high quality American Walnut Cabinet)

EX2000B (revised retro look B type cabinet, with E software)



The XB5 (using XB2 technology) is released, two 61 note manuals, optional 13 or 25 note pedalboards, an extremely light weight prtable in a 'B type' cabinet



Hammond XB-3 released, a complete digital 'B3' with real valve overdrive  5 sets of drawbars two 61 note manuals, authentic waterfall keys, reverse colour preset keys etc)

Sound-module GM-1000 (half rack, fits inside the XB-3)



XC-3 released for the American market, a C3 cabinet version of the XB3

The EX-800E is presented.



Hammond  926; new institutional model with floppy disk drive and church register sample in CD-quality.

The XB-2 version 2.0
released, Hammond most comprehensive product software upgrade ever.

SX/CX3000E introduced with major cabinet revision (Upgrades available for all 2000 and 2500 models to the new 3000 specification)



The long awaited XM-1 sound module and XM-c1 drawbar controller are released



Hammond's new professional-organ-keyboard XB-1 is released

XT-100 and the console model XH-200.

New Leslie; model
914 with 5 amplifiers and 9 loudspeakers.



Special edition spinet XH-200SP

is released