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2001 XE2 released, stage two of the XE system; a dedicated 61 note (with genuine Hammond keys) MIDI lower manual, initially available in kit form which includes side panels and cables, later available as a pre-built system.


2002 Re-introduction of the model B3. Critically acclaimed and accepted by the worlds most renowned Hammond Players, the 'New' B3 features Digital Tonewheel generation that produces 96 analogue frequencies, controlled by traditional analogue key contacts and drawbars! Looks, sounds and feels identical to the best of the original B3's. 


Introduction of the Leslie 21, The First Leslie with MIDI. incredibly compact and truly portable unit


XE-200, third stage of the XE system, a high powered amplified stand for the XE2 with pedals and expression pedal built in.
2003 Portable version of Hammond B3 released. Available with or without 25 note pedalboard.


2004 Revolutionary single manual drawbar organ released -The XK3. utilising Hammonds new digital tonewheel generation.


Full length music rack released for XE1, 2 and 200


stage 4 of the XE series; the XE200se, a luxury version of the XE200 finished in Burgundy with full length music rest.
September. Don Leslie passed away

13 April 1911 - 3 September 2004 aged 93


2005 Jimmy Smith passed away

1926 - 2005 


Following the enormous success of Hammond's XK3 and the component add-on's for the XE series, a full 61 note (with reverse colour preset keys) lower manual is made available for the XK3. Presented in the USA as a beautiful 'mini' B type case, and a more functional design for Europe and Asia.
Hammond Suzuki Europe release two new instruments for home use. A lavishly re-shelled B3 named the Ultimo, and a two manual XK3 with built in speakers named the M44.