The L series

L122 (not shown) Brochure text:

The lowest priced Hammond Organ incorporating the famous tone-wheel generator. the versatile L122 has been widely installed in homes, churches and places of entertainment. the wonderful Hammond tone-bars enable you to discover the joy of creating your own favorite sounds
and effects. Full Organ, clarinet, trumpet and ensemble tones can be introduced at the flick of a tab.
Touch response percussion enables you to create realistic vibraphone, xylophone, chimes etc., and distinctive jazz and pop sounds. Hammond reverberation in 3 degrees. Soft volume and brilliance control.

(available to special order)
Specifications exactly as with the L122 but with fall (keyboard cover).
Particularly recommended for institutional use.


The M series




M100 installation instructions 


The T series

T100, T200, T400 & T500 series.

The Hammond T series is one of the most popular in the range. T100 incorporates the famous Hammond Tonewheel generator and offers theatre voiced pre-set tabs, and six 'instant' percussion tones including; banjo, twin mallet marimba, and xylophone, chimes etc. The T series also offers the magic flexibility of tone-bars.

Legato pedal tab helps the beginner to add a professional bass sound to any tune, and special 8' string bass helps your music to go with a swing. Reverberation in three degrees. Brilliance control, Earphone socket. 

Offers all the features of the T100, plus the excitement of a 2 speed built in Leslie Speaker, and manual rhythm unit introducing Bongo, Claves, Cymbal, Brush and Tom-Tom effects. T400 offers identical features to the T202/1 with the added excitement of the Hammond Rhythm II programmed rhythm unit. This enables anyone to play along with a wide variety of Rhythms including 7 Latin American rhythms, rock n' roll, waltz, jag.
T211 T262 T400 T500 (top) & T582 looking after your T series internal Leslie

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