Hammond XK3, Anniversary Edition


The Hammond XK-3. Single manual Drawbar Organ for the SERIOUS Hammond Player!



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The XK3 is undoubtedly the most 'full on' Hammond single manual we have ever seen or heard. From turning on the power the organ delivers the most powerful and authentic sound imaginable. This is a Hammond for the most serious and demanding of players, and without a doubt it is the real deal.
This instrument is definitely the way forward for anyone who needs authentic B3 sound and feel. At just over 19 kilos, XK3 represents the ultimate compromise for the touring musician. Improved digital Leslie means your completely self contained and can just set up and play. Coupled with a Leslie 21 system it is the definitive Hammond setup.

Authentic access to 12 banks of 11 presets (via reverse colour keys ) that can be changed 'on the fly'

Controls we all know and love

Easy access to REAL VALVE (tube) Preamp and Overdrive, as well as Tone control for fine tuning sound quality.

Clear display centre offers access to the most comprehensive array of parameters for the 'tweekers' amongst us.

Hammond touch response percussion, split point and new 'manual bass for quick access to funky left hand work.

Demo???  Yes..we know what your thinking, but stand back and listen to Joey DeFrancesco, Tony Monaco, Daisuke Kawai, Deryl Winston and Takanobu Masuda put the XK3 through its paces. Once you have heard them re-assign the button to a more useful function.


Drawbars can be assigned to Upper, pedals and Lower OR you can use them on upper as banks Bb and B - just like the original Hammond Consoles.


The new XK-3 contains (96) independent oscillating digital tonewheels for accurate reproduction of the B3 sound. Importantly, this keyboard has full polyphony.


• Vacuum Tube preamplifier

The XK-3 is equipped with a vacuum tube preamplifier for warmth and rich overdrive. The overdrive circuit consists of two bands. Thus even if the sound is overdriven, you can still obtain purer harmonics.


Custom Tonewheel (and transistor) templates

There are a number of Custom Templates pre-loaded into the XK3 as follows:

     • B-Type

        Real B3

        This template is the classic B3 model. When purchasing a B3 you would maybe try three or four to find the best one of the bunch (they were all slightrly different from new- some great, some good, and some not so good)...well this is the best of the B3's


          80s Clean

        The 80s gave us sampling technology, and with it the 'clinically clean' 'Organ sound'. Basically take a Hammond B3, record it digitally, get rid of all of the grunge, noise and imperfections picked up in the sampled sound...hey presto... 1980s Hammond.



        Take an A100 and stick a couple of micrphones in front of the speakers..all that noise!, motor hum, leakeage..etc..etc. This is the sound most Hammond Clones try and replicate.



    • Mellow

        Full Flats

            Tonewheel generators are somewhat random, take out that 'randomness' and give each tonewheel a mathematical formula and this is the result. (Somewhat like a late 70s/early 80 Hammond Console/Spinet. e.g Concorde, Elegante, Aurora Classic.



            Dropped Middle Ranges- accenting the high and low frequencies


        Flute Lead

            opposite to Husky- Bass and treble dropped.


    • Brite

        Classic X5

            Infamous Hammond X5- dull triangle waveforms and flat output levels on every frequency.

        Vox Full

            Very Brite- the manual says "suitable for surfin' music", amusing...but try it and you will soon realise Hammond dont mean surfin' the net.

        Cheap Transistor ..or cheesy organ (italics ours)

            The manual says 'junk transistor organ, it contains insufficient bass and treble'. What they mean is nasty..but incredibly cool late 60s/early 70s combo organ.."you beautiful stranger, light my fire before the sun rises over that house."

Rear Panel

Notice the warm glow from the vacuum tubes!




Sound Generator

    • 2x Vase III Digital Tonewheel



    • 73 keys (61 +12 preset keys), Waterfall with velocity


Harmonic Drawbars

    • Upper

        9 pitches, B type/Mellow/Bright

    • Lower

        9 Pitches

    • Pedal       

        2 Pitches, Muted/Normal/Synth.



    • Tabs

        Second On, Third On, Fast Decay, Soft



    • Master

        430 - 450 1 Hz steps

     • Transpose

         -6 -0 +6 semitones



    •Internal Leslie

        On, fast, Brake. Digital, 2 rotor.

    • Vibrato and Chorus

        V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3

        Upper & Lower On/Off

        Speed: 5 (6, 10 -7.25Hz)

    • Pre-amp

        Preamp On, Overdrive

        Vacuum tube amplifier

    • Equalizer

        3 bands

    • Reverb

        10 Programs

    • Sustain

        5 Lengths (Pedal)


Internal Zone

    • Tabs


        Manual Bass

    • Adjustable

        Map Low, High

        Split Point

        Lower Octave

        Pedal Top Key


Combination presets

    • 12 Banks x 11 Presets + adjust B

        Switchable: Link/Independant



    • Switches

        Power On / Off

    •Rotary Controllers

        Master Volume

        Tube Overdrive



        Pitch Bend




    •20 characters, 2 lines with 9 control switches and Rotary encoder.



    • CompactFlash card slot



    •Template: 3 Modes, Zoned 3 Parts and Keyboard Channel



    • AC inlet

   • MIDI In 1, In 2, Out

    • Expression Pedal 1, 2

    • Foot Switch 1,

    • Effects Send, Return

    • Line Out L/Mono, R,

    • Headphone

    • 11 Pin leslie



    • 119(W) x 40(D) x 12 (H) cm



    • 19.5kg







John Richardson (right) of the 'Ginger Pig band" is the first UK owner of the new XK3. (with Leslie 21b pro and 2121) Click on the image to visit "Ginger Pig Band" website.


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