Carlo De Wyjs B3 Project


Birmingham International Jazz Festival, July 5th, 6th, 7th 2003

O'Neil's Bar, Broad St, Birmingham.



• Undoubtedly, one of Europe's leading Jazz/Funk Hammond players. Carlo on the Newly released  Hammond B3, along with Martin Bakker on guitar and Drummer Léon Klaasse gave us a stunning and inspirational performance in the Music Room, O'Neil's Bar at the Birmingham Jazz Festival. Incredible bass work (courtesy of Carlo's bare feet) , particularly on the song 'Mr. Feet' (from his new album entitled "Turn Up The B") left the audience with dropping jaws. Amazing solo performances and extremely tight teamwork from all three musicians left everyone feeling something very special was occurring at O'Neil's Bar.



Martin Bakker (left) on guitar, Léon Klaasse (right)

and Carlo De Wyjs on new B3

Carlo De Wyjs stuns the audience with bare foot solo in 'Mr. Feet' from his new album.




• Three of the most pleasant and unassuming artists we have had the pleasure to work with certainly gave us at Hammond one of the most memorable performances yet.


• For details of future events and albums by Carlo De Wyjs visit his website


review by D. Brown,