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Classic Hammond B3 Tonewheel  Organ.


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Hammond Tonewheel Organ, Model B3

completewith Leslie model 122

The organ is a sixties model American B3 fitted with a Trek II frequency convertor and transformer. It also has a Trek II reverb unit fitted. It is in showroom condition and is complete with bench and pedals. I haven't dated it exactly but it has the rounded (non printed) drawbars, red (mylar?) generator and line box capacitors and small Hammond logo between the manuals. The Leslie is also in excellent condition although here are a couple of scratches on the "skirting board" at the base of it. As far as sound goes - its as good as any I've heard.

Buyer collects, 4000 fpr B3 & Leslie (or genuine offers)


Hammond B3 Console Organ Leslie 122
2x61 note manuals
25 note radiating pedalboard
Split Vibrato, Vibrato Chorus
Touch Response Percussion
4 sets Drawbars
18 Changeable Presets
Locking Top



Please note, this is a private sale, and is not connected to Hammond Zone.