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Hammond B3 Portable.


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Hammond Model B3 portable with stand and bench


"Extremely easy to carry, and well within 10 minutes from the back of an estate car you will be sitting at the console thanks to a very well thought out collapsible stand for both the Hammond and the bench. Controls are exactly as you would expect to find on any B3 / C3 / A100  with the addition of Midi out and a cleverly disguised control panel concealed under a flap on the upper left hand side of the console. The instrument is also "Leslie Ready", fitted with a standard 11 pin Leslie socket."

The model in question is a 2005 B3-P, complete with stand, bench and swell, but no pedalboard. It's had home use, mainly, but has been out to gigs maybe 4 or 5 times. Consequently, it's in very good condition overall, although there are a couple of nicks to the wood veneer on the end cheeks. I'd be happy for prospective buyers to come and audition the organ by arrangement

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