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Hammond C3 Tonewheel Console Organ.


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Hammond Organ, console C3 

cabinet type PR40

The Hammond C3 was sold in the UK from 1955 to 1975 and was the 'church' styled cabinet version of the B3.

The organ was bought about 30+ years ago from a shop in Hull and has been in the family ever since.  My late mother used to play it but it has not had any serious use for about 10 years.  It has been looked after well and looks hardly worn.  It is space requirements only that are causing it to be offered now.  The sound is excellent and powerful and I am not aware of anything at all that doesn’t work.  It has only had one house move in all this time.  Serious offers would be considered but I understand the value to be around £2,700.  The purchaser needs to arrange their own transport from North Yorkshire. 


Hammond C3 Console Organ Hammond PR-40 tone cabinet
2x61 note manuals
25 note radiating pedalboard
Split Vibrato, Vibrato Chorus
Touch Response Percussion
4 sets Drawbars
18 Changeable Presets
Locking Top

3 channel Power Amplifier

Bass Ch. 17.3 Watts

Treble Ch. 16.2 Watts

Reverb Ch. 14.5 Watts

48 Watts Total

2x 15" Bass Speakers

2x 12" Treble Speakers

External Reverb control




Please note, this is a private sale, and is not connected to Hammond Zone.