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Hammond C3 Tonewheel Console Organ

& Leslie 147.


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Hammond Organ, console C3 

Leslie type 147

The Hammond C3 was sold in the UK from 1955 to 1975 and was the 'church' styled cabinet version of the B3.


Hammond C3 organ, with original pedals, bench and music stand (currently not attached to the organ), and Leslie 147 speaker cabinet for sale at 3,000 for the pair. Both the organ and Leslie are in excellent condition and good working order.

The C3 is believed to date to the late 1950s or early 1960s and the cabinet is the most sought after variant, with wooden, rather than plastic, panels at either end of the keyboards, and extra detailing and ornamentation where the lower manual overhangs. The Leslie 147 cabinet is a very close match to that of the organ.

The organ is fitted with a Leslie kit which is currently operated by a foot switch this is the only modification made to the instrument and can easily be unplugged and removed. The sale includes an additional Leslie 145/7 kit with bakelite half-moon switches for ultra keen traditionalists.

Collection and transportation of these instruments is the responsibility of the buyer, though I am happy to assist in the initial stages. Prospective buyers are welcome to view/play the instrument (Wiltshire, near Salisbury). Contact Dr Swift on 01722 714688.


Hammond C3 Console Organ Leslie 147 cabinet
2x61 note manuals
25 note radiating pedalboard
Split Vibrato, Vibrato Chorus
Touch Response Percussion
4 sets Drawbars
18 Changeable Presets
Locking Top

Single channel Tube Amplifier

40 Watts Total

1x 15" Bass Speakers

1x Horn Driver

6 pin 147 type input



Please note, this is a private sale, and is not connected to Hammond Zone.