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Hammond CX2500 (upgrade)


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Organ details:


 This Hammond CX Console Organ is a flagship model costing 12,000 - 14,000 when new. Solid wood pedals, very high quality wood veneer cabinet, leatherette covered bench and facility to upgrade further via software or expansion cards and an unparalleled speaker system make this organ one of the most impressive looking consoles Hammond ever produced. The organ features two full sets of Drawbars plus pedal drawbars and 2nd & 3rd harmonic percussion, a genuine built in leslie Speaker, vibrato I, II, III and chorus I, II, III. 


It is an ensemble instrument so has a good quantity of excellent quality orchestral voice samples and styles.


Being a console you have access to 2x61 note keyboards that are Hammonds traditional, quality ivory keys with keys that extend back beyond the visible area for a super smooth touch. Solid wood Hammond designed pedalboard is the standard to which all others are made.


Although not shown the original smoked glass music rest, bench and some additional expansion cards are included with the Hammond.


This particular Hammond was originally a 2000 model but upgraded to later spec adding brand new styles 



This sale also includes a very sought after Technics SM-AC 1200 arranger module. Which gives Technics quality sounds and styles to the organ.
Price for the Pair: 2000 (may separate)


Location: Northwich, Cheshire



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