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Hammond EX2000B (B type)


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Organ details:


 This Hammond EX 2000B is the top of the EX series range. It is a special edition model with an excellent condition 'B3' inspired cabinet. (note the design of the folding lid, front edges of the side panels and legs. The organ features two full sets of Drawbars plus pedal drawbars, 2nd & 3rd harmonic percussion, vibrato I, II, III and chorus I, II, III. 


It is an ensemble instrument so has a good quantity of excellent quality orchestral voice samples and styles as well as sequencer and the ability to use expansion and RAM cards that are still available.


Being a spinet you have access to 2x49 note keyboards that are Hammonds traditional, quality ivory keys with keys that extend back beyond the visible area for a super smooth touch. The 13note pedalboard is extremely easy to play and like many Hammond features is the design that all other companies copy.


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