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Hammond X5 portable, Leslie 760, Leslie 825 & Combo Preamp.


Hammond X5 click to view Excellent condition
Leslie 760 Leslie 825/ Leslie 760 Custom-built combo pre-amp


The Hammond X5 is quite possibly the most popular portable organ ever built and has appeared on stages all over the world. This is a 'new' X5  -late model with bass pedals to lower (for funky left hand bass) and rare tuning control.

The X5 was the professionals dream. A lightweight Hammond that that one person and an estate car could manage. Connected to a Leslie the Hammond Player was completely self supportive and could just turn up on a gig, set up and play.

This X5 comes with not one Leslie but two! A classic model 760 (road Leslie on castors) and a model 825 for smaller venues.

A custom built combo pre-amp is also supplied which enables one of the Leslie speakers to be powered without the Hammond, so you could plug in a generic Keyboard, modern Hammond (e.g. XK2 or XK3) or even  Guitar!

Item list:

1 Hammond X5 portable drawbar organ with stand and bench
1 Leslie 760
1 Leslie 825
1 Leslie compatible Combo Preamp
Cables and connectors for all items


Original brochure (X2 not included)




Please note, this is a private sale, and is not connected to Hammond Zone.